It’s a little under a week until Christmas. Are you still scratching your head and thinking of what to buy? Or are you looking for some inspiration for your own wish list? I went looking for the best music related gifts and managed to find 5 that I would be super happy to receive. I’m sure I’m not the only one 😉

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5. Sonos One

Does the person you’re shopping for lack a good (or in any case up to date) sound system at home? Then the Sonos One is an absolutely wonderful gift for them!

The specs:

  • The Sonos One is a compact speaker with high sound quality which allows you to listen to music via any streaming service, as well as play podcasts and radio.
  • Do you want to listen to music all over your house? Then you can buy multiple speakers for different rooms and simply pair them with each other. With just one push of a button you can listen to the same music all over your home.
  • An added bonus is that the Sonos One is humidity resistant. A real music lover can’t be without their favourite playlist, especially not when they’re in the shower! I wouldn’t bring the speaker directly into the shower, but you won’t have to worry that humidity will permeate and damage the speaker during an especially steamy session.
  • The speaker is also compatible with AirPlay and iOS devices. If you have an Apple TV, you can play the audio of any film or series you are watching via this speaker. The Sonos One also includes built in voice control. It’s not yet possible in the Netherlands to control your speaker hands free, but it will be in the near future. Get ready!
  • The Sonos One is a compact speaker and is available in black or white.
  • Sonos has a deal on at the moment where th One is available for €204 (down from €229).

Why is this such a nice gift to give/receive?

  • The Sonos speaker is a very versatile gift; it can be an atmosphere booster during a dinner party, it makes cooking/cleaning/doing chores much more enjoyable, and it makes showers even more relaxing. A gift that keeps on giving!
  • It’s really awesome to be able to listen to and coordinate the music in different rooms of your house. This speaker is a great start or a wonderful addition to your collection.

Order the Sonos One here.

Geef jij de Sonos One als cadeau met Kerstmis?

4. Vinyl – The Shape I’m In – Douwe Bob

We all know it’s nice to be able to listen to music with the click of a button, but there’s a reason that vinyl is back in fashion! Call me sentimental, but I think it’s so enjoyable to spend a Sunday afternoon looking through LPs, selecting one before gently bringing down the needle, and hearing the (warm!) sound that comes out of my speakers. Craft beer in hand, the (Netflix) fireplace burning, and my afternoon is complete.

A lot of music today is released on vinyl, including The Shape I’m In  by Douwe Bob – which is currently under my Christmas tree! – but for the collector, it also feels great to have their all-time favourite available at home.

The specs:

  • Vinyl is available as both an LP (including a full album) and as a single (with a few songs). The latter are (as far as I know) no longer being produced, at least for modern music;
  • The classic LP is of course black, but nowadays many LPs are also released on ‘Coloured Vinyl’. The Shape I’m In is even transparant. Extra cool!
  • Prices vary quite a lot. You can get a second hand golden oldie for just a few euros. New(er) releases usually cost between €19.99 and €29.99. You can also really go nuts and get Deluxe Edition Sets (often also limited edition) which can cost hundreds of euros.

Why is this such a nice gift to give/receive?

  • I’m willing to bet that anyone who owns a turntable will be happy to expand their collection.
  • You can give more or less according to how much you want to spend (or how much your bank account will allow you to).
  • Why did I want The Shape I’m In by Douwe Bob under my Christmas tree? I interviewed the singer songwriter in depth earlier this year and I was impressed by the story behind his music. It sounds like a happy pop album, but I found out that it’s actually an honest album about atoning for a lost love. That doesn’t mean that it’s an album about pain! Douwe tells us vividly about what is actually important to him in life, his views about the ‘Tinder society’ that we live in; he gives the middle finger to his generation (‘But also myself, the pot calling the kettle black).

Do you want to give The Shape I’m In by Douwe Bob on clear vinyl this year? Order it here.

The Shape I'm In van Douwe Bob op vinyl, een mooi muziekcadeau voor onder de Kerstboom

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

Perhaps the most frequently used item of any music lover is a pair of headphones. I’m pretty much fused to mine. They give me peace when I’m travelling, energy during long work days, and allow me to enjoy music even more when I get a moment just to sit and listen.

Headphones are available in many types and sizes (on ear, over ear, in ear models, to name just a few) as well as different quality and price categories. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is an absolute gem. 

The specs

  • First off, the headphones have crystal clear sound as well as good noise cancelling properties. They filter out a lot of background noise during a train or plane journey, making for a much more comfortable ride;
  • These headphones are wireless and work via Bluetooth. You can use them for phone calls, and the battery lasts up to 20 hours;
  • What’s very special about this pair is that they’re the first headphones that come with built in speech recognition for Google Assistant. With one push of a button (found on the left headphone) you can give instructions (‘Play Imagine Dragons’ newest track) or ask questions (‘Should I take an umbrella with me tonight?), and you will receive an answer! You don’t even have to unlock your cell phone. How convenient!
    You might be wondering if you’d ever use this feature, but voice technology seems to be the future, and I speak from experience when I say: once you’ve used it, there’s no going back!
  • The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is available in black and silver grey.
  • They cost €379.95 – which is an investment, but you get value for your money.

Why is this such a nice gift to give/receive?

  • The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is one of the best pairs of headphones available on the commercial market; you will be giving/getting a very nice gift.
  • These headphones will upgrade any work day, journey, or down time. They really are a gift that you, or the lucky duck you’re buying them for, will enjoy for a very long time!

Do you want to give someone the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II? Order them here!

Deze Bose headphones zijn een mooi muziekcadeau voor onder de Kerstboom

2. Ticketmaster Gift Card

If I ask you to think back on the highlights of the past year, there’s a big chance that a concert or festival will be on your list! (Mine was personally Lady Gaga’s show this past year, OMG I still can’t believe how good it was!) How great is it, then, to be able to give someone this kind of memory?

Because it can be difficult to guess what someone wants to go see or when they’re able to go, Ticketmaster offers something with which you can never go wrong: a gift card!

The specs

  • Ticketmaster gift cards are available from €10 to €250 and can be used for concerts, festivals, musicals, and any other event which offer their tickets via Ticketmaster (and there’re a lot of them).
  • You can use the gift card online and it doesn’t all have to be used at once. Be aware that the gift card needs to be used in the country of purchase, they are not internationally valid.
  • In The Netherlands you can find the gift card in many supermarkets, book shops and do it yourself shops and I’m not sure what it’s like in different countries, but it is also very simple to order one online. Are you looking for a Christmas gift at the very last minute? Then you can also order an e-gift card!

Why is this such a nice gift to give/receive?

  • The Ticketmaster gift card is a lovely gift to give to someone you don’t know that well. Do you have a new father in law or are you looking for a gift for an employee? You’ll (almost definitely) make them very happy with this!
  • Has someone asked you what you want for Christmas? Do you not want this person to have to bend over backwards buying your present? This is a great solution.
  • You won’t just be giving someone a gift with the Ticketmaster gift card; you’ll be giving them an experience. It may just be the case that the day or evening that you give them will stay with them for life.

Do you want to order the Ticketmaster gift card online? Use this link.

Geef de Ticketmaster cadeaukaart met Kerstmis cadeau, het ideale muziekcadeau

1. Crosley Portfolio Retro Turntable

Are you looking for a unique gift for a music lover with style? Then the Crosley Portfolio Retro Turntable is just thing for you! This retro model is stunning to look at; and has these features that can be convenient.

The specs:

  • Turntables are available in many types and sizes. From the most expensive high-end hi-fi setups for which an amp and speakers are needed all the way to very affordable portable turntables with built in speakers. The Crosley Portfolio Retro turntable is a good option for someone who wants to discover the world of vinyl.
  • The turntable can play LPs at 3 speeds, allowing you to play all types of vinyl. You can also adjust the speed with pitch control.
  • The sound quality is not as clear as on digital speakers, but it is warmer – as you would expect from a turntable. The sound really feels retro! The volume can be turned up enough to provide background music at your house party, and you can attach external speakers if needed. Would you rather listen to music on your own? Then you can plug your headphones in!
  • It’s also possible to play Spotify playlists via Bluetooth by connecting your cell phone using an external cable.
  • Lastly, there is even a setting which allows you to convert music from LPs into mp3s via your computer.
  • You can order one for €144.90 from The Retro Family – I think that’s great value for money!

Why is this such a nice gift to give/receive?

  • It’s a real eye catcher that will be at home in any music lover’s living room. This is a gift that you can enjoy just by looking at it;
  • The fact that it takes a little bit of effort to put a record on makes for a unique way of enjoying music!

Do you think that the Crosley Portfolio Retro Turntable belongs underneath your Christmas tree? Order it from The Retro Family.

De Crosley Retro Platenspeler en The Shape I'm In vavn Douwe Bob

I hope that I managed to help you on your quest to find the perfect Christmas gifts. Have I missed your favourite music related gift? Let me know in the comments. Merry Christmas!

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