These Nolala General Campaign Conditions (hereinafter “the General Campaign Conditions “) apply to all promotional games of chance and promotions to be organized by Nolala and to all Nolala’s communication channels, such as our website and our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), hereinafter “the Promotion”.

By participating in the relevant promotion, the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Participation

For each promotion, the manner in which as well as the period during which one can participate and whether additional conditions apply will be indicated.

  • Participants under the age of 18 declare that they have obtained permission from (a) parent(s) or legal representative(s) to participate. If an inspection reveals that this is not the case, Nolala is entitled to exclude the participant from participating.
  • If there are costs associated with participation, these costs are mentioned in the specific promotion. In any event, the maximum cost per participation shall not exceed the communication costs indicated in the respective promotion.
  • Nolala employees and third parties engaged by Nolala are in principle excluded from participating in the promotion.

2. Prizes

  • For each promotion, we will indicate what the prizes consist of and how many prizes there are to be won.
  • The prize is personal and is under the name of the winner.
  • The prize is non-transferable or otherwise redeemable or to be paid in cash.
  • If the winner refuses the prize, the prize will in principle lapse.
  • If the prize consists of admission to or tickets to an event, the prize will be awarded on the basis of availability.
  • If the prize consists of admission to or tickets to an event, no claim can be made for any form of compensation if the event in question is cancelled.

3. Winners, publication and notification

  • Winners of the promotion shall be chosen impartially.
  • For each promotion, the time and communication channel at which the winners will be announced will be indicated.
  • In order to claim the prize, the winner must report to Nolala by sending a private message via the communication channel indicated in the promotion. Winner(s) can also always register by sending an e-mail message to stating the name of the prize draw.
  • If a winner does not report to Nolala in time, the prize will be withdrawn. Winners must report within 24 hours of the prize draw, or – if the prize consists of access to or admission tickets to an event that takes place within 48 hours of the draw – within 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • The winner must be able to identify him- or herself on the date of the event.
  • Not all participants will be individually informed of the results.
  • The results are not open to discussion.
  • No rights can be derived from participation and/or the results.

4. Personal data

  • By participating in the promotion, the participant gives Nolala permission to publish his / her personal data on Nolala’s communication channels.
  • All contact data stored as part of the promotion will – subject to the foregoing – only be used to make contact about the promotion and for communication concerning the action.

5. Exclusion, liability and other conditions

  • Nolala reserves the right not to issue a prize if (it is suspected that) the player directly or indirectly uses improper means.
  • Nolala reserves the right to refuse entries that appear to be fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or incorrect.
  • Nolala is in no way liable for any damage resulting from participation in a promotion, nor for any technical malfunctions, defects or delays with regard to participation in a promotion or the designation of the winner.
  • Nolala reserves the right to terminate a promotion prematurely. In principle, premature termination will be announced via the medium in which the action took place.
  • If, for a promotion, certain rules are drawn up which deviate from these General Campaign Conditions, those specific rules shall take precedence over the provisions of these conditions.
  • These General Campaign Conditions (including the specific Campaign Conditions) may be amended by Nolala at any time. We therefore recommend that you check the General Campaign Conditions
  • The General Campaign Conditions do not apply to promotional activities organized under the responsibility of advertisers, sponsors or other third parties (production companies).
  • These promotional terms and conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance.
  • Any questions or comments can be mailed to, or sent by post (in a stamped envelope) to:
    n.v. M.S. Winten
    Herengracht 499
    1017 BT Amsterdam
  • Nolala will – if applicable – take care of reporting and withholding tax from games of chance, except insofar as stated otherwise in the specific game conditions.

6. Contact details

Company Name: WinWorks
Trade name: Nolala
Visiting address: Herengracht 499, 1017 BT, Amsterdam
Postal address: Herengracht 499, 1017 BT, Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 64284050
VAT number: NL156988306B01