Breaking news! &C and Nolala are joining forces. Marjolijn is going to be a contributor for the Dutch TV personality Chantal Janzen’s multimedia-platform, &C, where she’ll provide their readers with inspiring insight into lyrics.


Last March Chantal Janzen launched &C. This multimedia platform consist of a monthly magazine, a website, app, online store, tv-show and also live events that will be coming soon. With a combination of established and new talent, their unique content aims to encourage women to really see the world, instead of just looking at it shallowly.

Instant crush ❤

Since our goal with Nolala is to open up a new world to people by encouraging them to really listen to music, instead of just hearing it shallowly, we got instantly excited by Chantal’s mission. This instant crush appeared to be mutual and now we can proudly announce that we’re going to inspire her readers to open their ears on a weekly base on


The first posts are already published here. Be on the lookout for new content at and &Cs Facebook and Instagram.