By c/o pop Convention in Cologne Marjolijn was invited te speak about Nolala last Thursday.

Next School of Innovation Drivers

During a 3 hour session ‘Next School of Innovation Drivers‘  innovative experts shared amongst others their visions on why the music industry urgently needs to innovate, there was a demonstration by Rotor Videos about how to create a music video on only a few minutes and the application of AI and blockchain to music was discussed.

Marjolijn explained her vision of music listening 2.0 and talked about changing music journalism. In a 15 minutes talk she shared:

  • How she started Nolala
  • The theoretical foundation
  • What’s so innovative about Nolala
  • Feedback she got from music lovers, artists, the music industry and media so far
  • Her ambitions for the future

C/o pop, many thanks for the inspiring days!

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Panel discussie tijdens innovatie sessie tijdens c/o pop in Keulen