Last Saturday I joined the panel ‘Music Magazines over there in the museum’ during the music conference Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Led by journalist Manfred Tari, I got into a (vivid!) discussion with Ralf Niemczyk of Rolling Stone, Dan Stubbs of NME and Derek Robertson of the online magazine Drowned In Sound about the state of music journalism today ánd in the future.

The i-word

It was an interesting conversation about how to reach an audience of readers in 2019, about the question if a journalist should be critical or nice, the use of video and of course.. business models!

And at that point the conversation turned into a heated discussion.. I said I believe in the ‘influencer business model’ and that appeared to be swearing in church! The response of my ‘comcolleagues’ is a striking example of the huge differences in ways of thinking between the traditional- and new journalistic world.

Feature in ‘De Machine’-podcast

VPRO journalists Atze de Vrieze and Niels Aalberts paid attention to the panel in their podcast ‘De Machine’ ánd they give their opinion about my freshly introduced definition ‘in-depth influencing‘.

Curious about a nice recap of the panel and the the gentlemen’s razor sharp vision on the current Dutch music journalism landscape? Check the podcast below or via this link (from 14:00 onwards the panel is discussed, and they pay attention to Nolala from 19:45).