Valentine (28) is from Paris and moved together with her boyfriend to Amsterdam a few months ago, because he found a job here. She used to work as a Buyer for a garment brand in Paris and is still looking for a job. She fell in love with Amsterdam and enjoys living here. But she also has doux memoires about her years as a teenager in France…

What song has a special meaning to you?

Derniers Baisers of the French chansonnier Laurent Voulzy. He’s quite famous in France, but especially by the generation of my parents. In this song he tells a story about how the summer comes to an end and he reflects on that. A friend of mine heard the song on the radio and told me: ‘It’s like he wrote this song for us!’.”

What makes it such a great match?

“Since I was 12 years old I’ve been on family holidays to L’Ile D’Yeu, an island on the French coast. It’s a beautiful island with rough vegetation and the access for cars is only limited. Every year I saw a group of 10-20 kids from all over the country and together we had a great time.

During the days we went to the beach and at night we had dinner at friends places or we drank an Aperol. Sometimes we also went out in a nightclub in the harbour. Well, nightclub.. it was very ugly and the music was shitty, but it didn’t matter because we were with friends. This is also the place where I went out for the first time, got drunk by one glass of whisky and had a huge summer crush.

If I listen to the lyrics of Laurent Voulzy, it matches perfectly:

Quand vient la fin de l’été, sur la plage
Il faut alors s’en aller
Les vacances ont duré
Emportant la tendresse
De nos baisers

Le soleil est plus pâle
Et nous n’irons plus danser
Crois-tu qu’après tout un hiver
Notre amour aura changé
Derniers Baisers – Laurent Voulzy

When the end of summer on the beach comes
We have to leave
Holidays are over
It took the tenderness away with it
Of our kisses

The sun is too pale
And we’re not going to dance anymore
Do you believe that after a whole winter
Our love will be changed?

At the end of the summer we were all very sad that the holidays were over and it became winter again. Especially because we had to say goodbye and wouldn’t see each other for a whole year.”

Do you still go to L’Ile D’Yeu?

“Yes, I still go there. Last year I went with my boyfriend, but it’s very different now. I still see my friends, but almost all of them are engaged, married or expecting babies.”

When do you listen to this song?

“If I’m honest it’s not a very ‘cool’ song. If I tell my friends I like it, they can hardly believe it, haha! And then I think; I know it’s not cool, but I don’t care! It brings back these beautiful times and makes me feel 14 or 16 again for a bit.

I sometimes play it when I have no idea what to listen to, especially now during winter. In depressing winter times it makes me relive the beautiful memories of summer and holidays and that makes me very happy.”

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