Would This Is America by Childish Gambino would have gone so viral if it hadn’t contained such a strong message? Would Perfect by Ed Sheeran have become such a great hit if it would have only been instrumental? Probably not! This is because lyrics make a difference!

Isn’t it therefore quite surprising that the most prestigious music prizes in the world, the Grammys, praise achievements in 84 categories, without having a category focused on the story in a song? Time for change!

Grammy for ‘Best Story’

I hereby propose to add a new Grammy category. One in which not only the form of a song is valued, but also the message. A Grammy for the Best Story of the year.

I think songs with societal themes like Apesh*t by The Carters or Pray by Sam Smith, ought to be eligible for such an award. Additionally, songs about personal themes could be nominated, for example Natural from Imagine Dragons or Nico And The Niners by Twenty One Pilots.

Yes we can!

Do you agree there should be more appreciation for the stories in music? Support my campaign to add a Grammy category for ‘Best Story’ in 2020!

  • Are you an artist or songwriter? Then I’d love to discuss the stories in your music (I’ve already done this with Within Temptation and Skunk Anansie, so see here why they think lyrics are important);
  • Do you know a song with a powerful story or special lyrics? And would you like to share it? I’d love to conduct an interview with you! Earlier I spoke to Anieke and Crystel about songs that have a special meaning to them.
  • Also I’m setting up a nomination list of songs with the very best stories. Nominate a song that deserves an award for ‘Best Story’ according to you here!

Amongst others Gavin James already showed his support…

What’s next?

My goal is to present this as ‘proof‘ of the power of lyrics to the Recording Academy. Hopefully, together, we will be able to convince them of the power of lyrics so that they will decide to add a Grammy category for Best Story.

Support this campaign!

This mission will only be fulfilled if I can show that many people share my belief about the value of lyrics. This is why I really need your support!

Nominate your favourite song!

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