I’ve been nostalgic for the Swedish Andreas Moe ever since his debut album dropped 4 years ago. Tomorrow, you will be able to add his new EP, Love Fast, Heal Slow, to your indie playlist. It includes 4 infectiously cheerful tracks, each with their own lovely story.

I was lucky enough to interview Andreas, in which he talks about how hard it can be to get over your ex, how he is trying to break the stigma around depression and that he went to the gym to impress a girl

Andreas Moe’s lyrics are a slice of life and it wouldn’t surprise me of you can relate to them (as much as I did).

What role does music play in your life?

“It plays a big role because music is not only a job or a hobby, but something that I can identify with. I am a musician, artist and songwriter. I think it’s important to find what you’re good at and what you’re happy with doing. That you find your call. When I found music, I found myself.”

From the age of 16, you’ve been very successful as a songwriter, producer and vocalist for artists like Avicii, Tiësto, Hadwell and Boyzone. Why is it also important that you make your own music and perform?

“I think there are different forms of expression in music. It’s almost like I can be two people at the same time when I write for others as well. I don’t really have to put in too much of my own emotion in these songs and can be someone else for a second. That’s a great feeling, but I would never keep such a song for myself. I want the songs in my own repertoire to be personal, genuine and trustworthy.”

Are all songs from your EP autobiographical?

“No, a couple of songs are from my own experiences, others come from the thoughts or experiences of friends. Calling Out and Out Of Your Body are autobiographical. Mine Mine Mine is 50/50. That song is written from both my experiences and from a friend’s perspective, but I can definitely relate to it. Do You Even Know is a story that I think everyone has gone through.”

Let’s take a look at your lyrics one by one.

1. Calling Out – Andreas Moe

“When I was 15 or 16 years old, I was often hanging out at this youth centre at Stockholm. There was obviously one person that I really liked. By then, I didn’t understand the importance of just being yourself. Because being myself never worked. At that age, you want to be cool, a skater, a guitar player or a rock star. Someone that she would like.

Calling Out is a song about trying to catch someone’s attention by doing silly things. Things that aren’t you but you’re still doing them, until you realize that ‘Well, maybe I just have to be myself’.”

We’ve been hanging out now
Coming up a year now
But you never once looked at me that way
That is gonna change
There’s a reason why

I’m gonna grow a beard
I’ll even cut my hair
Just to look like guys in your magazine
I don’t know if it’s me
But I’ve gotta try

Cause everything I do is to start up a fire
And everything I say is to make you smile
Oh oh oh oh
I’m hoping that you hear me crying

Don’t you know I’m calling out
Calling Out – Andreas Moe

Did you really go to the gym for her?

“Yes, I did. [laughs] I started lifting weights and grew a little weird moustache that looks even worse than it does now. All these things are crazy if I look back on it.”

2. Out Of Your Body – Andreas Moe

“Out of your Body is a dark song. It’s almost a call out to people just like me who have been or who are right now going through mental illness and who are stuck in that darkness. I’m getting tired of hearing about young people not having the energy to go on. There are four people in Sweden every day who commit suicide. Every day! It’s the most common form of death from the age of 15 to 25. That’s crazy. I think there’s a stigma around it, so instead of telling a parent or friend, these youngsters give up on life.

This song is about getting rid of that stigma. We have to talk about mental health, let it out, and never ever be trying to hide how we feel. You can never talk about it too much. We just have to keep going on until the stigma is gone and depression is being treated as a broken leg or whatever.”

You’ve been carrying this weight on your beat up shoulders
And hauled it around like a grinding rock
You know, the only thing that hurts more than being this broken
Is everyday trying to pretend that you’re not

But you gotta
Break if you gotta break
Hurt if you need the hurt
Cry if you wanna cry
Just get it out of your body, out of your body

Say what you wanna say
Fight until it goes away
Shout if you need to shout
Get it out of your body, get it out of your body now
Out Of Your Body – Andreas Moe 

When you listen to the happy sound, you can’t tell the song covers such a dark subject.

“The concept and the meaning is sad, obviously, but there is hope in the song. As long as we talk and don’t look down on people who feel bad, there is always hope.”

3. Mine Mine Mine – Andreas Moe

“Mine Mine Mine is another song that I think people can relate to. In a relationship, the first couple of months or the first year even, everything is romantic, everything is great. Then you move in together and you see sides of each other that you haven’t seen before. Not all sides are glamorous. Some are just very human, but you don’t see them often when you just meet occasionally.

Mine Mine Mine is a song about reaching that point. When you’re in that situation you’re like, ‘Okay. That wasn’t very nice of me. Why is she with me?’”

I got love for you baby
That’s for sure
Half a bottle deep
Laying on the floor
You’re blowing smoke rings at me
Till my eyes get sore
Blood shot burning
But I want some more
I got love for you baby
But I lost the keys
We’re stuck until we hit our anniversary
And when you’ve had too much
Lean on me
Make circles on my chest until you fall asleep

You know sometimes you gotta lose it all
Go lose it all
Before you find just what you’re looking for

So let your hair down pretty
Love will make you crazy
Why be sane
When we can be wild

I’m not laughing honey
I just think it’s funny
Cause who would’ve thought I could call you mine mine mine
Mine Mine Mine – Andreas Moe

“Then I know I’m a good guy. You shouldn’t take it too seriously, it’s about those little things. You just stay forever grateful that she’s with you.”

4. Do You Even Know – Andreas Moe

“Do You Even Know is about what happens after the breakup and how pain never strikes equally. There’s always one being hurt more and in this song, for him it’s hard to get rid of the thought that ‘She’s moved on’.

You might notice that through the smallest details. Red lipstick on an Instagram post could make you think ‘Why is she wearing more lipstick?’ Or it could be a text without emojis. You know what I mean? These small things make you think, ‘She doesn’t care about me anymore’.”

She’s dressing up, I’m breaking down
Red lips, new love, gotta blow it
She orders long drinks for long nights
I’m still as blue as my poems
A day is like a drink, a week is like a pill
But when I sober up I’m just as ill
And everybody hurts, but no one in this world
No one has a word for how I’m burning for her
Just tell me know

Do you even know what it feels like?
Do you even know what it feels like when lights go out?
I’ve only really know myself through her eyes

Do you even know what it feels like?
Do you even know what it feels like when hearts burn out?
I’ve only really loved myself through her eyes

 You live and learn, I toss and turn
I got rain, I got clouds, she got freedom
She loves fast, I heal slow
I’m still as blue as my poems
Do You Even Know – Andreas Moe

“She loves fast, I heal slow is a line that stuck with me. It says that the emotional balance is wrong. It takes a second to fall in love, but it takes ages to get over someone. It’s just not fair.”

What do you hope people get out of your music?

“As with any kind of art form, it’s all about making people feel something. I believe that as long as I feel something when singing the song, some people will relate. I hope they will take it in and go on with their day with a little smile, or a little tear, or whatever feeling.”

How do you hope your life or your career will look in 5 years or 10 years?

“I’ve come to realize that, as long as I can keep doing music, I’m happy. I obviously want to be successful, to be able to tour and sell records. But at the end of the day, it’s about how you define success.

If I could look into the future in 10 years from now and saw myself on a stage for 300 people, I would smile. Because I’ll still be holding my guitar, playing my songs, and making people feel something. That’s what I dream of.”

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– Do you even know, 2019

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