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Why Nolala? Because music is more than ‘Lalala’. No (b) La (b) LA, no BS!

This may seem obvious, but research shows that 2/3 of people don’t listen to lyrics and thus have no idea about the meaning of music.

Weird, right?

Nolala (previously: My Life is a Music Video) is an online magazine aiming to make it easier for music lovers to discover the meaning of lyrics and to keep lyric lovers informed about the best stories behind new music.

Why lyrics?

What is the added value of listening to lyrics?

  • Music can make you feel even happier, more energetic, or more melancholy if not only the sound touches you, but the meaning as well. It makes your highs even higher and carries you through the lows;
  • Artists finally get the credit they deserve. How much blood, sweat & tears do you think go into writing lyrics?
  • Concerts are even more enjoyable when you know what the artist on stage is actually talking about;
  • You soon discover that Shakiras lyrics can be pretty bizarre, Lady Gaga has perseverance to spare and not every song is as happy as it sounds;
  • You finally understand what you are talking about when you’re belting out “Scaramouche, Scaramouche will you do the fandango” and you will save those around you a lot of frustration if you finally can stop singing along phonetically;
  • You find out that everything you think and feel is most likely shared with someone in this world. How wonderful is it to know that there is always a soulmate (or at least a soultune) out there?

What can you find in this online magazine?

Nolala is the place for:

Who writes these posts?

I, Marjolijn Winten (1985), have always had a great passion for music and entertainment. But how do you turn this into your life’s work if you are not musically talented yourself (a bit of an understatement, really) and when your roots lie in a village in the rural south of the Netherlands (a lovely place to grow up, but not exactly the epicentre of the entertainment industry)?

The first step was to move to the Randstad to do a bachelors in Communication Sciences, followed by a masters in Media & Culture.

After my studies I got the opportunity to further develop my marketing skills and gain valuable work experience at Universal Music, Warner Music, MTV Networks and an agency that organises events. In 2015 I came up with an idea for a music app. I mustered  the courage to quit my job and make my big dream come true: I began my own start-up!

During the development of this app, the idea for a music blog called My Life is a Music Video was born. What started as a blog with mainly personal content has grown into an online magazine with mainly background articles. In May 2018 it was time for a new name and website:

Next to Nolala, I work as freelance marketeer, I try to see my family and friends as much as possible, I’m (usually) in the gym twice a week, I like experimenting in the kitchen and I do yoga.

The editors

It is with great pride that I introduce my pillars of strength, my creative all-rounders; my contributors. Together we do our very best to provide you with high quality articles several times a week. Do you have any suggestions or shout outs? Let us know!

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